About CEMR

CEMR brings together more than 130,000 municipalities, cities and regions federated through 60 national associations from more than 40 European countries. It therefore constitutes the most representative association of local and regional governments in Europe.

CEMR promotes the construction of a united, peaceful and democratic Europe founded upon local self-government and respect for the principle of subsidiarity.

Its mission is to:

  • · Influence European legislation on behalf of local and regional governments; and
  • · provide a platform for exchange of experiences between its members and partners.

CEMR is also the European section of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), through which it voices local and regional governments’ concerns in international forums. 

Every four years, CEMR brings together mayors, councillors, local practitioners as well as experts to exchange views and knowledge on topics that directly affect citizens. The 2018 conference will showcase how they are addressing, among others topics, gender equality, LGBT+ rights, racism, migrant integration and citizen participation.

The 2018 conference is organised within the work programme of the CEMR Standing Committee for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life, currently chaired by the Association of Basque Municipalities (EUDEL).